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The Place Community Church is an independent, fully affirming, church in Victoria, BC that functions as a local congregation of the historic Christian Church, engaging in: worship, education, outreach, spiritual guidance, children’s ministries, local and non-local services of justice, mercy and compassion.


We are seeking the right person to fill a ½ time to ¾ time position as co-pastor of our community. This role will work alongside another co-pastor. This work would involve community formation and care, teaching, some admin and organizational work.

The Right Person is…

  • Passionate about theological and pastoral scholarship, including teaching and development of learning resources. Willing to walk with the congregation as we reimagine a fresh image of what a Christian Church can be. 

  • Keen to join a church community exploring the question of denominational belonging, and willing to explore this topic alongside the community. Open to receive training needed for ordination, and/or working with denominationally ordained colleagues, in accordance with possible future decisions around denominational belonging.

  • Attracted to a church community in the process of determining its statement(s) of faith.

  • As fully-affirming, quirky, and Jesus-loving as The Place’s membership!


We are a homegrown independent Christian community of around 60 adults and their many children. Our core values are Grace, Authenticity, and Hospitality. We are a group of critically engaging spiritual people trying to raise our children, serve our community, practice radical inclusion, and follow Christ. To read more about The Place, take a look at our Church Community Profile below.


Key job functions for this position can be found in the attached Job Description. We look to affirm your unique gifts, and some accommodation will be made in the process for applicants less able to fully meet all functions. 


Salary Range: from $52,000 (full time equivalent - we will be hiring .5 to .75 of this)


If selected to move forward in the application process, applicants will be required to include three references who can speak to the applicant’s skills, character, and experience in ministry.

Closing Date: March 18, 2022

To Apply

To apply: Send a cover letter and CV to:  As part of your application package, please answer the following three questions, either within your Cover Letter or within a separate document:


Question 1: The foundations of The Place’s identity include the principles of Grace, Authenticity, and Hospitality. How would you embody these in your pastoral role?


Question 2: How would you use the privilege afforded to you in your role of pastor to acknowledge and advocate for less privileged members of the community?


Question 3: Following Jesus can be a complicated and dynamic path. Tell us about how your journey might inform how you teach and lead in our community. 


The Place Community strives to be as inclusive as possible. Please let us know if there are any accommodations you require to participate in the hiring process. All applications will be treated with strict confidence. 

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