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Our Story

Who We Are

Birthed in the mid 90’s at Lambrick Park Church, The Place Community has been a unique congregation, celebrating Christian tradition and faith through newer expressions of art, music, deep thinking, and cultural engagement.  The Place seeks to foster a community of grace (loving kindness), authenticity (being real) hospitality (nonjudgemental acceptance).  


Since 2016, after moving to our new location, we continue to be that refuge for believers who love God but are embarrassed by much of Christian history and behaviour.  We are a refuge for atheists who need to keep talking it out, for thinkers, dreamers and artists who lose their religion each morning only to find a more beautiful one each day. And, we are a family church with lots of small children too.  


Some useful big words: we are evangelical in style but non-fundamentalist, we are progressive and yet orthodox, we are non-denominational (for now) but submit to the traditional creeds of the Christian tradition. And like Jesus, we are inclusive of all.

Pastor Pamela says hi 

Pamela is thrilled to be working with and for The Place folks. She grew up in Victoria, and has attended church with her family for her entire life, which is a fair amount of church going. Over the years she been part of the communities at Lambrick Park Church, Emmanuel Baptist and Friendship Community Church before she saw the light and came to The Place.

She and her husband Paul have been married for 35 years and have 4 equally charming grown children. She has her BEd from UVic, spent some years teaching at Pacific Christian School and then teaching her own 4 kids at home. The family spent a fruitful, challenging year working at Ministry of Mercy Orphanage in Nigeria and still actively supports the work there. At age 50 she received her Master’s in the Arts of Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological School. 


She’s been working at The Place for 8 years now and it only gets better. The community deeply values inclusivity, the welcoming of everyone as equally loved by God. She loves getting to know people on as deep a level as they desire and would love to get to know if you would desire it. 

Water Color Birds

Our board folks and what they do

Becky Roosma - Community/Outreach

Jen Alloway - Admin

Michelle Burrage - Treasurer

Rob Campbell - Chair / Music

Rod Seginson - Finances

Sammy Pullen - Sunday Services

Sjeord Meyer - Kids / Families


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