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It's an ongoing project of building unity with diversity. Of working hard at being a friend.  Of ensuring a place of trust and non-judgmentalism.  Leaving lots of space to make mistakes and feel safe.  We don't offer any of this as though it's a commodity.  We are a Place where all of us can try really hard at making this happen, through the Spirit of God's love and holiness.  It's rewarding and hard work.  Share the load.


Tradition means to carry on our backs a legacy handed down from the past.  Though is sounds too good to be true, we have received 'divine good news' about mercy and love, about hope for every person's future. The Christain tradition includes a core set of practices and beliefs and we strive to be faithful to these.

At The Place, we interpret this tradition with the vocabulary and worldview of our own postmodern era. Our faith stands upon scripture, reason, tradition and experience.


Loving beauty requires no justification.  Beauty is the surface of Goodness, and Goodness is the light and love of God.  Hence, creativity and art are imitations of the divine act of creation.  Just as every person feels the natural attraction of the beautiful, so also every person is able to give back some beauty into the world.  The Place is a home to artists of every kind - poets, dancers, musicians, painter, bakers, photographers, gardeners, and all the other loves in our hearts.


From the beginning, The Place simply emerged as a zone of safetly, energy, joy and creativity centred in the Gospel of Grace.  So we don't make a project of converting everybody to religion but want to live out what we find so wonderful about God.  So we just make sure to be actively engaged in doing good and pursuing justice in our own community (Street Cafe, Mustard Seed) and sometimes even far away (Belo, Ethiopia).



1273 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

V8V 3L4

(at Grace Lutheran Church hall)

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