We're just a church, not a very big one, but inclusive, welcoming and safe. Sundays we gather for songs, prayers, scripture readings, and teaching for all.  We are still exploring new opportuinites God will bring to us in our new neighbourhood. But in the meantime, we have friends and families, newbies and oldies, saints and sinners (well, mostly sinners) who are practicing faith, hope and love.
Be a part of this lovely community. 

Kid's Ministry

You know, everything from chasing down the high energy ones, cleaning up the mess they leave, learning the patience we never knew we needed, and loving that exquisite emotional blend of frustration and joy as we raise the next little crop of human beings.  Yep, more welcome too.

Contemplative Communion

The Place Community encourages practices of spiritual formation for all.  Contemplative Communion offers a beautiful sacred time once a month of meditation, quiet singing and chanting, readings, ritual and symbol, contemplative prayer, and a short reflection.  We then share in the Lord's Supper or Eucharist, as it is called, which is our 2,000 year tradition.

Small Groups

Fall is the time of year when we often start new home groups, or re-energize existing ones.  Small groups are a great place to go deep into friendship and honesty required for spiritual journey.  Contact us to join up.

Pastoral Support

Well, there are a few of us here who have enough experience in faith and life to perhaps mentor and support others.  And we can all pool together our stories and our compassion to be a place of healing.  So join our community and find spiritual friendship.



1273 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

V8V 3L4

(at Grace Lutheran Church hall)

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